Developing Organizations – Nurturing Young Leaders

Qaisar Shareef

By Qaisar Shareef ( Guest Author) I was twice charged with leading early-stage or startup subsidiaries for P&G in emerging markets. In the case of Pakistan, I started setting up the business from a small room in a hotel in 1991. In Ukraine, I was the general manager assigned to lead and grow what had been a small, distributor-run operation. …

A Matter of Attitude

Simon Franco

A few weeks ago, I addressed a group of about 4 thousand incoming freshmen at a local university. Contrary to their expectations, instead of going into a long-winded speech, I asked the audience a question: “If you could determine the single thing capable of taking you from where you are to where you want to be, what would that be?” …

Observations of the corporate world

Simon Franco

Tres millones de personas marchando con esperanza, pero sin liderazgo, están en grave peligro de ver que sus esfuerzos rinden mucho menos de lo esperado. A nivel corporativo observar cuán difícil es obtener los resultados deseados a pesar de los esfuerzos. Las palabras sirven sólo para expresar el estado de ánimo actual – quizá desánimo- mejor dicho. Cómo manejarlo? Con …

A fundamental necessity for long term survival

Jens Hagedorn

The correct coupling of the third party talent supply and internal talent acquisition teams around the central idea of eliminating process inefficiencies is fundamental to the effectiveness of any serious commitment to become a talent centric organization. In today´s complex business world, largely dominated by over-reengineered bureaucratic processes and red tape, this is no longer a luxury; it is a …

Is this surprising at all?

Jens Hagedorn

“Many companies have not redesigned their talent attraction and retention processes with excellence in mind. Mediocre Supply Chains will achieve mediocre results. Is this surprising at all?”

How proactive is your board of directors?

Jens Hagedorn

Is your board of directors a proactive and delicately designed team of engaged, value adding individuals or is it a random set of passive , over-the-shoulder monitoring figures?


Jens Hagedorn

We are proud to announce our new office opening in Santa Fe, Mexico City. Due to organic growth in our Executive Search practices and the launch of new business lines, we have expanded our office space in both of our offices and are extremely active bringing top consultants on board to better service you as a client or a candidate. …